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Marijuana Accessories For A Stylish Man

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As we find ourselves in the year 2021, a lot has changed within our world. In recent years the stigma pertaining to the usual marijuana user has indeed been broken with the marijuana industry becoming so popular and profitable, as well as so widely accepted in the last day, five years.

Today, marijuana has become more than just its stigma as ordinary folk begins to learn about the many benefits that the plant holds as the industry gains greater exposure. In fact, marijuana/cannabis is being included in many households as a completely normal part of people’s everyday lives.  One of the many reasons for this greater acceptance is due to companies breaking the boundaries and stereotypes associated with marijuana. There are many companies that are producing products and accessories for those canna-users looking to be a touch more stylish, appealing to a large market.

If you consider yourself one of them, here are a few examples of such products from Smoke Cartel.

Storz & Bickel Mighty Handheld Vaporizer

There are all kinds of vaporizers on the market, and that includes vapes now available for whichever your preferred choice.  Not of a fan of vape oil and want to keep it old-school using actual bud but still reap the benefits of vaping? If you’re looking for a dry herb option, the Storz & Bickel Mighty Handheld Vaporizer is ideal for those users that prefer dry bud to oil, as well as users seeking a little something smarter.

The Mighty actually includes both convection and conduction heating systems and the temperature is displayed on an LED screen. Smart or what!

A device known for its efficiency and precision become part of the new vaping revolution. Users can in fact download the Storz and Bickel remote control app (for all iPhone and Android owners) which enables you to control your vape’s temperature, and other features.

Aimed at offering a discreet-looking device, imagine how sophisticated someone would look using The Mighty, offering its users one of the best that money can buy.

Storz & Bickel Mighty Handheld Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

The all-ceramic DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer is one of the top marijuana concentrate and wax vaporizers that you’ll find on the market and provides an option for everyone.

Featuring a dual comparted cartridge, the device allows users the freedom to add either dry herb or one of the various cannabis concentrates available today, including shatter, crumble, sugar or wax, depending on your preference. The IQ2 enables users to have total control over the temperature too, and you can either do so manually or by using the Smart Path™ temperature and airflow control built into the device.  For the flavour- connoisseur, the ceramic device is completely plastic and metal-free so there’s nothing to hinder the flavour of the marijuana.

Adding to its uniqueness, there aren’t many products on the market with a Know Your Dose feature which is in fact, pretty imperative especially if using cannabis for medicinal purposes. How it works is that users can input their potency information and the amount of cannabis they’ve used into the Know Your Dose feature and it will calculate the number of chemical compounds (such as THC or CBD) that you take in with every pull of the IQ2.

(You should always be able to find the potency/strength and quantity information when buying any cannabis-product whether from the packaging or company website.)  This classy Vaporizer will definitely work well with any outfit and occasion.

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

Spark Glass and Silicone LED Dab Rig

Seemingly all the rage these days, the Spark Glass and Silicone LED Dab Rig is ultra-durable and looks super sophisticated.  The Dab Rig itself is made from a glass water pipe, covered by a silicone sleeve for extra protection. And get this, this groovy sleeve actually lights up as it’s powered by a built-in white LED light. But that’s not the only thing that makes this guy special, in fact, the portable device has been cleverly designed to feature a hidden, secret stash compartment at the bottom of the base of the rig, as well as places/compartments to hold and carry your Dab Rig tools, neat!

Spark Glass and Silicone LED Dab Rig

Sherlock Cherry Wood Pipe

If you’ve ever watched the man himself Mr. Sherlock Holmes, there’s no need for us to try to convince you as to how stylish he looks with his wooden pipe in toll, hence anyone using the Sherlock Cherry Wood Pipe would lend the same looks immediately.

Crafted out of fine Cherry wood, the pipe is 15 inches in length and the elongated and slightly curved stem has been purposely designed to allow the smoke to cool down more easily. The pipe can fit both marijuana herb or tobacco.

Sherlock Cherry Wood Pipe

King Palm Hand Rolled Slim Leaf

For those looking to enjoy the smoking experience with a pre-roll, these elegant, packs of hand-rolls are simple to use, as well as offering a completely natural product.  Manufactured and made from the leaves of the Cordia tree, these leaves are cleaned with purified water and are completely free from chemicals for all our naturalists out there.  Available in 24 packages, each package contains three, hand-rolled shells that can take up to 1 gram of cannabis bud. Ditching paper completely, anyone smoking a Slim Leaf will reek of sophistication.

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