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Lifestyle Changes That Keep Weight Off

The best way to lose weight over time and keep it off includes: 

1) Exercise: Make a change in your daily habits, including eating better and getting moderate to vigorous exercise. 

2) Eat more protein: Eating a protein-rich diet will help you build and maintain muscle which burns calories long after concluding any physical activity. Another benefit to high-protein diets is that you will feel fuller quicker and longer, helping control portion amounts. Finally, research shows that protein-heavy diets increase metabolic processes by up to 100 additional calories burned daily. 

3) Eat whole foods: Again, eliminating processed, fatty, salty foods is an easy way to lose weight. Additionally, single-sourced foods offer a ton of nutrients, including fiber which will help you feel fuller faster. 

4) Drink more water: We can’t stress this point enough. Every study on weight loss encourages you to drink more water. The benefit to drinking water is that even a tiny amount of water can improve your metabolism to burn off up to 34% more calories than without increasing water intake. 

5) Intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting is eating in smaller windows of the day with long periods between meals. To intermittent fast, you would restrict your eating for more than 12 hours in a day, allowing you to eat between those hours. For example, you are fasting, you would not eat between the hours of 8 pm and 9 am, but within the 9 am-8 pm fit in all your meals. 

6) Eat slower: Eating slower, taking more time between bites, and chewing your food for a more extended period of time will make you less likely to overeat, aid in digestion, and the body will have more time to release hormones that are attributable to feeling full and weight loss. 

Weight loss isn’t a quick fix. 

Too often, people lose weight quickly and then resort to old habits that may have contributed to the weight gain in the first place. The best strategy is to take a slow approach that is part of an overall lifestyle change to lose the weight and keep it off.

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