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How to Stay Stylish While Riding Your Motorcycle

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If you ride a motorcycle, you may be enticed to complement your ride with some personal style.  Whether you’re installing professional motorcycle lights to give you optimum performance during the night or investing in a contemporary biker wardrobe, here are some tips on how to stay stylish while riding your motorcycle.

Stylish Elements to Have for Your Ride

Invest In a Good Helmet

Staying stylish means putting safety first. You should never ride your motorcycle without a sturdy helmet. Make sure that your helmet brand is approved for quality. It must also be the right size so that it stays in place in case of an accident while you are on the road. If you think a helmet will mess up your hair, consider how an accident can mess up your life.

Hedon Motorcycle helmets

Hedon Motorcycle helmets

Get an Elegant Leather Jacket

Nothing is sexier than seeing a man getting off their motorcycle wearing an elegant leather jacket. In addition to upgrading your look, a leather jacket also offers safety for you while you’re out on the road. There are tons of designs you can choose from, depending on your preference and budget. For a complete look, it’s best to stick to a black or dark brown leather jacket without too much visible padding.

Ivy Leather Jacket Belstaff

Ivy Leather Jacket Belstaff

Lace-Up With Boots

Boots should match the colour of your jacket and belt, which probably would be black. The purpose of wearing boots while riding your motorcycle is to protect your feet in a crash. You might want to choose a strong toe and heel box with a sole that has a good grip and strong support for your ankle. Riding your bike with your boots on is better than wearing sneakers, which provides adequate protection and an authentic biker look. Make sure that you lace up tightly and securely above your ankle for full protection.

Forma Adventure Waterproof Motorcycle boots

Forma Adventure Waterproof Motorcycle boots

Get Motorcycle Jeans

When it comes to jeans, safety should also be in mind. Instead of wearing casual, regular denim jeans, it is best to go for jeans made for motorcycle riders. While denim jeans can be durable, they cannot offer protection in the event of a motorcycle crash. Invest in a good pair of jeans, especially if you plan to go on long drives during your road trip.

Merlin Lapworth Motorcycle Jeans Urbanrider

Merlin Lapworth Motorcycle Jeans @Urbanrider

Suit Up With a Pair of Gloves

Full protection for riding a motorcycle would not be complete without a pair of gloves. Invest in good quality gloves because your hands are the first to touch the ground during a crash. You need to focus on your palm sliders rather than knuckle protection and make sure it uses high-quality materials such as kangaroo skin or leather. Also, consider matching your pair of gloves with your jacket.

John Doe Ironhead Gloves Yellow

John Doe Ironhead Gloves Yellow

Wear Comfortable Shirts

While you may be wearing your jacket throughout your ride, you need to have a shirt that’s comfortable enough for you. There’s no rule about what you can wear, primarily if your outerwear already provides you with enough protection. However, it is ideal if you can have slim fit versions made of natural fabrics. This way, your skin can still breathe underneath the jacket.

Dressing Up Your Motorcycle

Another plus point for staying stylish is to make sure that your motorcycle is equally stunning and eye-catching as well. Doing regular maintenance and checks on your motorcycle can ensure that no accidents can downplay your style.

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