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4 Creative Writing Techniques to Improve Your Essays

Are you stuck with essay writing? It’s time to become more creative. Use our creativity to boost tips to compose more interesting essays with ease.

Creative writing is not everyone’s piece of cake. To be good at this type of writing, you need to combine the analytical and structuring skill with the ability to switch your imagination on and add colorful details to the text. Writemyessayfor.me experts always caution inexperienced students about the complexity of such tasks. It means that they should start working on these assignments early.

But what to do if you’re stuck at the very beginning? One option is to release the burden of creative writing by entrusting this task to pros. Just say can you write my essay for me.  In this way, you can free much time for yourself and other assignments, not bothering to mastering a whole new art of creative composition. Another option is to meet the challenge and improve your creative expression with these pro tips.

Customize the Text to the Intended Audience

It goes without saying that tutors appreciate individuality and creativity in each work. They read through dozens of assignments every day. So adding a twist to your narrative is always an extra point to the grades. But the thing is that academic requirements are standard. Therefore you have to fit your creative style into them by default. If you don’t meet the academic expectations, your work (no matter how brilliant) can score you a low grade.

So, make sure to stay on topic and fulfill all requirements stipulated in an essay prompt while at the same time adding original research and an unusual opinion or rare facts on the issue. This extra work will prove to the professor that you think out of the box, winning you a good reputation in class.

Borrow the Three-Act Structure from Theater

Not sure about how to structure your creative writing? OUR WEBSITE authors usually use a bulletproof scheme – a three-act structure typically used in theater plays. The structure is as follows:

  1. The set-up. It is the initial part of the play introducing the characters and setting the context in which all the action will occur. An introduction in your essay represents this part. Here you also set the broad context for your narrative and introduce the central topic and arguments. Following the theatrical strategy, you should add a dramatic turning point as the introductory culmination, giving a smooth transition to the confrontation stage.
  2. Confrontation. In this part, the main action takes part to resolve the arising issue. The issue is resolved by the main character with supporting characters (in an essay, it may be the thesis statement or the central topic of concern together with supportive arguments).
  3. Resolution is the final part of a theater play. The climax of the story is reached and resolved, which is perfectly suitable for an essay structure as well. Once you gain new knowledge and consider arguments in the confrontation part, you can pick the side and provide a basis for the choice in the concluding part, thus resolving the research question.

Use Hooks at the Beginning

Readers are often distracted or get bored after the first few lines. To prevent this, you should use engaging hooks at the beginning of the essay to keep attention focused. Start with a quote or an interesting statistical fact. Surprise the readers with a question or promise an intriguing resolution at the end. Any of these hooks will guarantee you the undivided attention of the audience until the final line. But don’t break the promise! If you’ve promised something at the end, make sure to give that information to keep the readers content. Otherwise, it’s cheating.

Don’t Neglect Metaphors

Though metaphors are not suitable for academic essays in the straight sense of the word, you can still adopt a creative approach to term definition or argumentation. For instance, you can apply similes or analogies when explaining complicated concepts. Such an approach can make an essay more readable while at the same time guaranteeing you an extra grade for inventiveness.

Take Notes not to Miss Your Muse

Creative people are often absent-minded and not focused, risking losing the most precious ideas on the go. To avoid such a nuisance, always keep a pen and a notebook with you. Once the muse strikes you with some creative ideas, put them down and revisit your notes once you need to complete a new assignment. Instead of lengthy soul searching, you can sit down to write at once.

As you can see, getting more creative with essay writing is totally possible if you follow some simple tips and dedicate some extra time planning the writing process. If you have no time for writing or your muse is on vacation, a better idea is to consult experts like law assignment writing service and get a creative essay done in hours. Anyway, pumping your creative muscle is a good investment in your writing mastery that is sure to pay off.

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